Sunday, March 31, 2013

Picture Galleries Loose Stomach Skin After Weight Loss and or Pregnancy

New Resource for Loose Skin Documentation and Analysis

Completed new resource Picture Gallery Loose Stomach Skin After Weight Loss and or Pregnancy. There are 3 photographic galleries in this collection showing sagging skin of the body after various degrees of weight loss. The slide shows feature different photo views and links to extensive documentation of excess tissue problem using my Standard Pictures and Videos. There is a demonstration how typical limited photographs just do not tell the entire story. Pictures of skin actually removed during surgery are included. Collecting a large number of examples permits analysis of compromises made solving the global nature of each loose skin problem with shorter scar choices. This tool show how I analyzed my patients' problems of loose tissues of the stomach and the surgical sculpture results. Liposuction alone will not mange loose skin. Look for such analysis for someone who claims that fat suction will tighten skin. Tummy Tuck and Body Lift Surgery are skin tightening operations addressed by this analysis.

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