Sunday, July 02, 2006

Body Shaping Without Surgery

Body Shapers Garments that Shape With No Surgery

I see many patients that are not ready for surgery but are still emotionally upset about their contour problems. Check out these new pages that show how Second Stage body sculpting garments can help with several contour problems. Each link has multiple pictures showing the patient with and without the garment so you can evaluate the change in static photos. However, the real change comes with motion and emotion. It is very rewarding seeing the changes on the patients' faces and hearing their comments about how the garments can help with confidence and make the body look better especially with moving. Tissues are stabilized and do not bounce as much.

Body Shaping Loose Chest Skin After Massive Weight Loss

Body Shaping Black Vest for Shaping the Male Chest of a Body Builder During Weight Loss Check out this black garment for the male chest.

Body Shaping Puffy Nipples of Gynecomastia with a garment can be much better than adhesive tape. Prolonged use of tape can cause scars and pigmentation changes.

Body Shaping of the Very Obese Male

These garments have additional targeted compression panels and work much better than others I have evaluated. Some prefer additional compression beyond the chest. Explore options of Male Body Shaping Clothing at The Surgery Store.

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Michael Bermant, MD
Board Certified
American Board of Plastic Surgery